Graminia Hall
Graminia Hall
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Graminia Community League congratulates

Angie Gehlert

our 2023 Volunteer of the Year for
Graminia Community League and Social Society

We want our community to know how much we appreciate the hard work of our volunteers and one of our ways of doing this is to highlight these individuals who were voted by their Volunteer peers to be the Volunteer of the Year.
The Graminia Community League is very pleased to select Angie Gehlert as our Volunteer of the Year.  Angie has been part of the Graminia Community for over 30 years where she loves working on the farm with her husband Clayton and their three wonderful children. 

Angie has been a volunteer with GCL since 2014 serving in various roles.  In 2022, as Vice President and Special Events Coordinator Angie organized and ran several events including garage and craft sales, work bees, New Years Eve, the Teddy Bear Bingo, and Kids Carnival, and was instrumental in bringing the community back together after the pandemic restrictions separated us.

In addition to her ongoing work with GCL, Angie currently serves as Chair of the Parent School Council at Graminia School and runs committee to welcome new babies into her church congregation.

Angie's love for her community and commitment to serving others shines through every she does, and this passion has inspired many other to take on the call of volunteer. 

Angie's passions include horses, mountain biking, crafting, and family and friends.

Thank you Angie for all that you do. 
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