Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a GCL Member to rent the hall?

No. Anyone 18+ can rent the hall.  

Can I view the Hall prior to booking it online?

Yes. Email the rental coordinator at They will contact you to schedule a viewing.

What is the hall capacity?

100 people. 

Is the water at the hall safe to drink?

We strongly advise renters to bring their own water for consumption.

When can I access the Hall for my rental?

For one day rentals, your rental begins at 8:00 am and ends at 11:59 pm.  Exception: Sunday one day rentals from September through May end at 5:00pm. For a weekend rental, access is granted by 5:00pm Friday and the Renter must vacate by Sunday at 5:00pm.

How do I get the Hall keys for my rental?

The rental coordinator will set up a unique code to access the keybox at the front door. Please return the key to the key box at the conclusion of your rental period.

Is there camping on the Hall grounds?

Yes. We have large grounds on which renters and their guests are permitted to camp free of charge in both tents and trailers. Contact the rental coordinator prior to your rental to discuss where trailers are permitted to park. Camping is permitted only on a multi day rental.

Is the Hall wheelchair accessible?

Yes. There is a wheelchair ramp on the west side of the Hall. Also, there is a wheelchair accessible bathroom. The kitchen is not wheelchair accessible at this time. 

What are the tables & chairs like?

The Hall has 22 6-foot, rectangular, white, plastic tables for use inside the hall. Tables are not permitted to be used outside other than on the east patio. There are 130 navy, stackable chairs. 

Does the hall have a dance floor?


Can I put up decorations?

Yes. Renters must not attach or hang any materials or items from the ceiling, windows, or floors.  Masking tape, tacks, nails and/or staples are not permitted.  Hooks are provided for decorating use. There is a ladder available to renters so you can reach the hooks. All decorations must be removed from walls and doorways and disposed of properly at the completion of the rental.   

Does the hall have a stereo?

Yes. The Hall has a portable sound system for use inside the hall. It has Bluetooth capabilities as well as 2 microphones available if needed. There are also 2 microphones available if needed. The stereo must be booked when completing your rental form.  

Does the hall have a coffee pot?

The Hall has a restaurant style 3-burner coffee machine. Filters are provided for this machine, however renters are responsible for providing their own coffee, sugar, and creamer.   The Hall also has a 100 cup coffee urn that does not require a filter. 

Does the Hall have dishes?

No. Renters are required to provide their own dishes. However, a small quantity of cutlery, pots & pans, coffee mugs, cutting boards, flower vases, and serving trays are available for renters to use. Dish soap, tea towels, and cleaning cloths are also provided. 

What appliances does the hall have?

There is a double wide fridge, stove, microwave, and dishwasher. The hall does not have a freezer.    

Does the Hall have a BBQ?

Yes. The Hall has a propane BBQ available for use by renters. The BBQ must be booked when completing your rental form. The Hall does not provide propane.  

Does the Hall have a Fire pit?

Yes. There is a Fire Pit on the east side of the Hall. Any and all fire bans must be adhered to.  The Lessee must supply and remove all firewood.  All fires must be extinguished prior to leaving the Hall. 

Do I have to clean the Hall the end of my rental?

Yes. Renters are required to leave the Hall in the same condition it was when they arrived. This includes, but is not limited to, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, cleaning & putting away the tables and chairs, cleaning the kitchen counters, emptying the fridge, taking out garbage, and cleaning the bathroom counters and toilets. A cleaning list is posted in the Hall and all cleaning supplies are provided for the renter.

A hall representative will complete an inspection within 24 hours of the rental being completed and prior to your damage deposit being returned. If the Hall is not cleaned according to the posted guidelines a portion of the Damage Deposit will be held back to cover cleaning costs. 

Can we use an event tent on the Hall grounds?

Yes. Many people rent large tents in order to have their events outside. Hosting your event on the grounds does not impact the capacity of the rental. Even if you are outside, our capacity is 100 people. Contact the rental coordinator prior to your rental to discuss where these large tents can be set up. 

Who do I contact if there is a problem during my rental?

The Rental Coordinator will give you a contact phone number to use during your rental in the event of any problems. Please note that the hall phone number is an answering service, so do not use this number if you need to speak with a hall representative during your rental. 

How do I pay for my Rental?

You can pay online using PayPal. Fill out the online booking request, choose the PayPal option and you will be forwarded to the PayPal page. NOTE: you do not need a PayPal account as there is a guest credit card form you can fill out. 

Do I have to pay the Damage Deposit when booking?

No. Payment of the Rental Fee is all that we require to hold your booking. 

When is the Damage Deposit due?

The $500 damage deposit is due a minimum of 14 days prior to the rental.  

When will I get my Damage Deposit back?

An inspection of the Hall will occur within 24 hours of your rental being completed. If there are no damages to the Hall or properties, or any additional chargesfor items such as cleaning, and if the keys have been returned, your Damage Deposit will be refunded within 10 business days.  

How will my Damage Deposit be returned?

If you paid online, your Damage Deposit will be returned online to your PayPal account or credit card. 

If you paid by cheque or cash, your Damage Deposit will be returned by cheque. 

How do I pay for my Damage Deposit?

You can pay online using your credit card. Go to select "Click here to pay" and you will be forwarded to the PayPal page. PayPal offers the ability to pay using a credit card without having a PayPal account ... click on "Don't have a PayPal Account" and an online form will appear. Under Item Price type in $500, fill out the rest of the form and submit. 

What documents do I need to provide if there will be alcohol served in the hall during my rental?

Renters must purchase BOTH a liquor license and PAL insurance if they will be having alcohol on the premises during their rental. Copies of these documents must be provided to the GCL prior to the rental AND the original documents must be posted in the hall during the rental.

Do I Need Insurance?

Yes. The renter must obtain Special Event Insurance with a minimum of $5 000 000 (five million) coverage. A copy of the certificate of insurance must be provided to Graminia Hall and Parkland County before the rental.  Special event insurance may be purchased through the Instant Risk Portal at the following link:  or you can use your own provider.  If alcohol will be present at your function, you MUST declare this on your insurance application.

What documents do I need to provide if there will be alcohol served in the hall during my rental?

Graminia Hall must be provided with a copy of the Special Event Insurance certificate of insurance and the liquor license prior to the beginning of the rental.  The original liquor license and bartending certificates for anyone serving alcohol must be posted during the event.

Does liquor have to be purchased at the same place that you obtain your liquor license?

No. However, to obtain a liquor license you must have the address and phone number of where the event is taking place.

Graminia Hall 51101, Range Road 270, Spruce Grove, AB T7Y 1G2  780-412-1300 

When a liquor license has been obtained for a function INSIDE a community hall location, can people take their alcoholic beverages outside?

No. Alcohol must not leave the inside of the community hall. The exception is if there is a four foot (4’) fence (minimum) around the premises of the said facility. Graminia Hall does not have such a fence. This information must be supplied when you purchase your liquor license.  

Can renters bring their own liquor to an event at the community hall without a liquor license?

No. Any functions at a public community hall having liquor involved MUST have a valid liquor license. The only event that people may bring their own alcohol to without a license is a private residential function. ABSOLUTELY NO Alcohol is permitted without a valid liquor license.  
For more information on liquor licenses visit 

Can renters bring homemade wine, beer or cider?

No. Even with a valid liquor license, homemade wine, beer or cider is NOT permitted as per the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.
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