Eligible candidates:

Must have completed the Grade Eight academic year when submitting the application. Students must be considered in good standing
with the Graminia Community School to be eligible to submit an application.

Value of Award:

$500.00 (Five hundred dollars)

Number of Awards:

Two (2)


The successful candidate will be selected based on the following criteria.  Each requirement will be equally weighted:
1. Academic Achievement: All Grade Eight and Grade Nine marks will be used.
2. Extracurricular Activities: includes but is not limited to community volunteerism, and school related activities.
3. Essay:
a) length 250-300 words
b) title - “The Value of Volunteerism in My community”
4. References:A reference letter from at least one organization that you have volunteered with must accompany the application

Award Payment:

The award will be paid by cheque, payable to the Award winner or parent/guardian of the Award winner.

Selection committee:

The selection committee shall be comprised of three individuals who are at arm’s length from any potential award applicants. This
committee may be established at any regular meeting of the Graminia Community League and Social Society and will include at least 1
member from the Graminia Community School and one member from the Graminia Community League and Social Society.
The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final.

Application forms:

Application forms are available at the Graminia Community School or online at

Application Deadline:

June 1

Application Drop-off:

Please mark envelope “Helping Hands Award” “CONFIDENTIAL” and return to the Graminia Community School office.


Graminia Community League and Social Society
51101 Range Rd 270, Spruce Grove, AB T7Y 1G2