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The Devonshire Pony Club is a branch of the Canadian Pony Club organization.  The club meets throughout the year by participating in winter theory during the colder months and English riding (lessons, clinics and competitions) during the summer months. 

Lessons are held in the sand arena just north of Graminia Hall.  There is also a cross country course for practice.  Competitions and clinics are held at various locations throughout the area.

Canadian Pony club has outlined various levels of learning.  In the beginning, everyone starts at the same level however, you can quickly advance to your appropriate level.

There are Pony Club branches throughout the world, over 100,000 young horse people! The National organization ensures programs delivered throughout the country are in line with international standards and is committed to the vision of "providing the opportunity for young persons to have a positive experience with horses".

Traditionally Canadian Pony Club was available to those 25 and under.  However, recently they have introduced the "HorseMasters" to enable parents or adults of all ages to also develop and further their horsemanship skills in a friendly and non-competitive environment.

All levels welcome!

To learn more about Devonshire Pony Club, please call or email Katharine Halverson at khalverson@hotmail.ca or 780-293-9014. 

Further information can be also found on the Canadian Pony Club website.